Behind the Green Card: How Immigration Policy is Killing the American Dream


Donald Dobkin


Behind the Green Card: How Immigration Policy is Killing the American Dream

Behind the Green Card explodes the innumerable myths and bogeymen that obscure the reality of US immigration policy. Blinded by misguided national security interests, the United States has codified a series of unworkable and irresponsible laws which make this country weaker, poorer and less secure than ever. Through the elimination of both a huge marketplace and enormous supply of labor, the US struggles to regain economic growth while other developed nations, through sensible immigration policies, forge ahead.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has described America’s immigration policy as the greatest case of national suicide ever seen. The US is no longer the only game in town, and America’s hard line toward immigration has sent applicants fleeing to other countries. India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK have benefited enormously from this flight. The economic consequences of this policy have been severe.

Immigration Lawyer Donald Dobkin decided to write a book on immigration in the belief that the American public has not been getting the true story about our immigration system. Misconceptions and misinformation rule the day. We need to get off of our arrogant pedestal and change our policies quickly.

As Dobkin details in these chapters, the US has stumbled its way toward impending disasters:

– The economic peril of quasi-closed borders
– The myths of purported national security imperatives
– The brain-drain: exclusion of foreign best and brightest minds
– The Rise of the Administrative State: US largest actual branch of government
– The strangulation of legal immigration

‘Behind the Green Card’ is a startlingly frank expose of cynical political interests, economic manipulation and outright racism run amok. Written in common-sense, straightforward style, the book is for readers across the board of interests: politicos, social advocates, policy students, current events readers.


‘This timely and hard-hitting analysis is a must read for US immigration professionals as well as anyone interested in the politics and the mechanics of the immigration process. Dobkin, a veteran immigration practitioner turned author and academic, provides a unique prescription for solving our immigration mess. This book makes an important and unique contribution in the critical immigration debate in this nation of immigrants.’ –Bernard Wolfsdorf, Past-President, American Immigration Lawyers Association

‘Finally a book on immigration by someone who’s actually done it not a journalist, not a think tank, not a career academic. Donald Dobkin surgically dissects the key elements of our immigration structure and explains in a highly readable style why we have the problems we do and the difficult prospects for solving them. Dobkin has hit the ball off the cover with this important book.’ Rami Fakhoury, Founder, Fakhoury Law Group

‘Compellingly argued and meticulously researched . . . Behind the Greencard provides a rare and revealing account of the shortcomings in the existing immigration labyrinth and how we got there. Certainly, a must read for politicians and legislators as well as anyone interested in national policy issues . . . This is a terrific book.’– –Joel B. Grossman, Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University

Behind the Green Card is a must read for students and practitioners of immigration law and social scientists more generally. Donald Dobkin’s book provides an exhaustive account of the law and unintended consequences that surface in the wake of this dysfunctional legal system. Dobkin should be applauded for combining a scholarly understanding of the issues with a practitioner s practical eye towards addressing them. –Robert Koulish, Ph.D. Professor of Political Science, University of Maryland

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  • Publisher: Algora Publishing (April 15, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 087586970X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0875869704


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