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Genital Autonomy: Protecting Personal Choice

By George C. Denniston (Editor), Frederick M. Hodges (Editor), Marilyn Fayre Milos (Editor) Genital Autonomy: Protecting Personal Choice Circumcision affects 15.3 million children and young adults annually. In terms of… Read more »

The Global War for Internet Governance

By Laura DeNardis The Internet has transformed the manner in which information is exchanged and business is conducted, arguably more than any other communication development in the past century. Despite its… Read more »

Internet Policy and Economics: Challenges and Perspectives

By William H. Lehr (Editor), Lorenzo Pupillo (Editor) For over a decade, William Lehr, Lorenzo Pupillo, and their colleagues in academia, industry, and policy have been on the electronic frontier,… Read more »

Cybercrimes: A Multidisciplinary Analysis

By Sumit Ghosh (Editor), Elliot Turrini (Editor) Designed to serve as a reference work for practitioners, academics, and scholars worldwide, this book is the first of its kind to explain… Read more »

Adolescents, Crime, and the Media: A Critical Analysis (Advancing Responsible Adolescent Development)

By Christopher J. Ferguson, Ph.D., is an associate professor of clinical and forensic psychology at Texas A&M International University. He received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of… Read more »

Refining Privacy in Tort Law

By Patrick O’Callaghan Description This book is about privacy interests in English tort law. Despite the recent recognition of a misuse of private information tort, English law remains underdeveloped. The… Read more »

Market Integration Through Data Protection: An Analysis of the Insurance and Financial Industries in the EU

By Mario Viola de Azevedo Cunha Description In the context of the continuous advance of information technologies and biomedicine, and of the creation of economic blocs, this work analyzes the… Read more »

New Media and Sport: International Legal Aspects (ASSER International Sports Law Series)

By  Katrien Lefever, Vlaamse Media Maatschappij (VMMa). Description With a Foreword by Prof. Dr. Stefaan Van den Bogaert, Professor of European Law, University of Leiden, The Netherlands During the past decade,… Read more »

Resistance, Liberation Technology and Human Rights in the Digital Age (Law, Governance and Technology Series)

By Giovanni Ziccardi Description This book explains strategies, techniques, legal issues and the relationships between digital resistance activities, information warfare actions, liberation technology and human rights. It studies the concept… Read more »

Emerging Pervasive Information and Communication Technologies (PICT): Ethical Challenges, Opportunities and Safeguards

  By Kenneth D. Pimple Key Features Mixed format focusing on technologies/applications, ethical issues and case studies Cross-disciplinary appeal for ethicists, technicians and generalists  Appeal to a broad readership including… Read more »