Constitutional Sunsets and Experimental Legislation

By Sofia Ranchordas


This innovative book explores the nature and function of ‘sunset clauses’ and experimental legislation, or temporary legislation that expires after a determined period of time, allowing legislators to test out new rules and regulations within a set time frame and on a small-scale basis. Sofia Ranchordás presents a thorough analysis of sunset clauses and experimental legislation from a comparative perspective, and offers a clear legal framework for their implementation.
The author begins with a comprehensive history of sunset clauses and experimental legislation, along with a clear explanation of their characteristics and potential uses. She then analyzes the relationship between these legislative instruments and a number of fundamental legal principles, including legal certainty, equal treatment, proportionality and separation of powers. This thorough exploration of sunset clauses and experimental regulations places them within a broader legal context and makes a compelling case for their increased use.
Scholars and students of comparative law, regulation and public policy will all find this book a fascinating and useful resource.

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Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
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