Environmental Health Law: An Introduction

By Russellyn S. Carruth, Bernard D. Goldstein

Environmental Health Law: An Introduction is based on a course taught to graduate-level public health students, but of interest beyond the public health profession. It introduces nonlawyers to American law as it relates to the protection of environmental and occupational health. Most of the book covers major federal statutes designed to protect the environment, defined broadly to include worker protection laws as well as food and drug laws. We also discuss executive regulations and judge-made law relevant to environmental protection.

With a topic this broad, our coverage here cannot be comprehensive. Our study of these laws will focus not so much on the specific content of each law as on the various approaches, strategies, standards, and enforcement mechanisms that are utilized. You will learn mainstream rules and concepts, but please keepn in mind that there are always exceptions, limitations, and variations. These are usually not spelled out, partly in order to avoid confusion and distraction, and partly to keep the book to a manageable length. There is another good reason to focus here on general concepts and tools of environmental protection: laws change. Usually they evolve slowly, but sometimes they change abruptly. Understanding general concepts—rather than memorizing specific details—will better prepare you to grasp future changes.

There are several specific objectives of this book:

  • To introduce you to the American legal system: what law consists of, who makes it, how it is made, and how it is enforced.
  • To demystify the law and equip you to better interact with lawyers and the legal system.
  • To familiarize you with major environmental laws. his includes laws governing pollution of air and water; laws regulating the manufacture, distribution, use, and disposal of hazardous substances; laws protectingworkers and the workplace; and laws protecting the safety of our drugs, food, and drinking water.
  • To ground you in the common issues and building blocks of these laws sothat you will have a foundation for understanding and evaluating futurechanges and developments in environmental law.
  • To introduce you to issues, controversies, and developments in environ-mental law
ISBN-13: 9781118162347
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 1/13/2014
Edition number: 1
Pages: 384


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