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Q: After donating 80$, can I get all books on site? or any limit to download?

A: No limit! You will be able to get all the old and the new books we may add from now on

Q: All these books are complete pdf or preview like google book?

A: They are all original PDF ebooks. And PDF ebooks allow printing.

Q: How can I become gold member?

A: Simply. You press the donate button and create your account (the account name and password are created by youself just by filling the form). Then, Click The checkout with Paypal button and transfer money to us via Paypal system (Visa, Master, JCB, Discover, American Express – Credit and Debit Cards or Paypal account)

Q: Gold membership is for time period or permenant?

A: The membership will last for 1 year. The fee for next year  will be only 80$.

Q: $80 is too expensive?

A: Completely no ! $80 for a 4000 ebook library is very very small fee. $80 for the huge amount of knowledge you can get after reading our ebooks is very very small fee. 

Q: Do you continue updating ebooks?

A: Of course, as long as you demand, we contine to update the ebooks everyday.

Some problems happen when create my account:

After the first time complete the process, your account has been created automatically. But you may be have some problems:

  • Overlap email problem: If you want to create orther account, have to use other email.
  • Active Gold member: Your account has been set up but you cannot download Hot and Premium ebooks. You click to MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT >>>> Select Membership Levels >>>>> click button Check out with PAYPAL


 Step to buy ebooks:

  • Find the ebook you need on
  • Choose the ebook’s format
  • Transfer money to our account