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Rationality and the Genetic Challenge: Making People Better? (Cambridge Law, Medicine and Ethics)

By Matti Häyry, University of Manchester Description Should we make people healthier, smarter, and longer-lived if genetic and medical advances enable us to do so? Matti Häyry asks this question in… Read more »

Democracy in the European Union: Towards the Emergence of a Public Sphere

By  Liana Giorgi is Vice-Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences (ICCR), Austria. Ingmar von Homeyer is a Senior Fellow at Ecologic, Institute for International… Read more »

Evil or Ill?: Justifying the Insanity Defence (Philosophical Issues in Science)

By Lawrie Reznek is a trained psychiatrist and philosopher who teaches psychiatry at the University of Toronto. He is the author of The Philosophical Defence of Psychiatry (Routledge 1991), The… Read more »

Aliens in Medieval Law: The Origins of Modern Citizenship

By Keechang Kim Description In this original reinterpretation of the legal status of foreigners in medieval England, Keechang Kim proposes a radically new understanding of the genesis of the modern… Read more »

The Future of Environmental Criticism: Environmental Crisis and Literary Imagination

By Lawrence Buell Key Featues Written by one of the world’s leading theorists in ecocriticism, this manifesto provides a critical summary of the ecocritical movement. A critical summary of the… Read more »

Xenotransplantation and Risk: Regulating a Developing Biotechnology

  By Sara Fovargue, Lancaster University Description Some developing biotechnologies challenge accepted legal and ethical norms because of the risks they pose. Xenotransplantation (cross-species transplantation) may prolong life but may also… Read more »

The Employer Bill of Rights: A Manager’s Guide to Workplace Law

  By Jonathan Hyman, Labor & Employment Group, Kohrman Jackson & Krantz, Cleveland, Ohio. Description Any employee can sue any employer at any time, and for just about any reason…. Read more »

Perfecting Pregnancy: Law, Disability, and the Future of Reproduction 

  By Isabel Karpin is a Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney. Kristin Savell is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University… Read more »

Integration by Cooperation: A Constructivist Social Theory and a Theory of the State and the Law 

  By Dr. Eric Dieth is Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences HTW in Chur as well as at the Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein Description The… Read more »

Genetic Data and the Law: A Critical Perspective on Privacy Protection 

  By Mark Taylor, University of Sheffield Description Research using genetic data raises various concerns relating to privacy protection. Many of these concerns can also apply to research that uses other… Read more »