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School Shootings: International Research, Case Studies, and Concepts for Prevention

By Nils Boeckler, Thorsten Seeger, Peter Sitzer, Wilhelm Heitmeyer Description The expert research of School Shootings: International Research, Case Studies, and Concepts for Prevention goes beyond simple “violent teen culture creates violent… Read more »

Handbook of Asian Criminology

By Dr. Jianhong Liu is the University Chair Professor and Dean, at the School of Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, People’s Republic of China and a Professor… Read more »

Handbook on Policing in Central and Eastern Europe

By   Description Policing in Central and Eastern Europe has changed greatly since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Some Central and  Eastern European countries are constituent members of the… Read more »

European Regulation of Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals: Regulatee Expectations of Legal Certainty

By Nupur Chowdhury Description One of the primary functions of law is to ensure that the legal structure governing all social relations is predictable, coherent, consistent and applicable. Taken together,… Read more »

Policing Muslim Communities: Comparative International Context

By Farrukh B. Hakeem, M.R. Haberfeld, Arvind Verma Description Recently  the Islamic world  is undergoing political crisis and social unrest, in no small measure due to conflict between traditionalism and modernism…. Read more »

Female Prisoners, AIDS, and Peer Programs: How Female Offenders Transform Their Lives

By Dr. Kimberly Collica is a Professor of the Justice Studies Department at Berkeley College. Description This book highlights a neglected area in the field of rehabilitation of female offenders… Read more »

Forensic Aspects of Pediatric Fractures: Differentiating Accidental Trauma from Child Abuse

By Rob A. C. Bilo, Simon G. F. Robben, Rick R. van Rijn Description Fractures are a common finding in children and it is estimated that 2.1% of all children… Read more »

Climate Change from a Criminological Perspective

By Rob D. White is the Director of the Criminology Research Unit at University of Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia.  He is also the editor of Controversies in Environmental Sociology (Cambridge University Press), as… Read more »

International Criminal Justice: Critical Perspectives and New Challenges

By George Andreopoulos is a Professor of Government and a member of the doctoral faculty of the Political Science and Criminal Justice programs at the CUNY Graduate School and University Center…. Read more »

Preventing Corporate Corruption: The Anti-Bribery Compliance Model

By Stefano Manacorda, Francesco Centonze, Gabrio Forti Description This book presents the results of a two-year international research project conducted by five academic institutions, under the co-ordination of ISPAC, in… Read more »