The Nature of Inquisitorial Processes in Administrative Regimes: Global Perspectives

By Laverne Jacobs
The Nature of Inquisitorial Processes in Administrative Regimes: Global Perspectives

‘Inquisitorial processes’ refers to the inquiry powers of administrative governance and this book examines the use of these powers in administrative law across seven jurisdictions. The book brings together recent developments in mixed inquisitorial-adversarial administrative decision-making on a hitherto neglected area of comparative administrative process and institutional design. Reaching important conclusions about their own jurisdictions and raising questions which may be explored in others, the book’s chapters are comparative. They explore the terminology and scope of the concept of inquisitorial process, justifications for the use of inquiry powers, the effectiveness of inquisitorial processes and the implications of the adoption of such powers. The book will set in motion continued dialogue about the inherent challenges of balancing policy goals, fairness, resources and institutional design within administrative law decision-making by offering theoretical, practical and empirical analyses.This will be a valuable book to government policy-makers, administrative law decision-makers, lawyers and academics.


‘This useful edited collection brings together international perspectives on the use of inquisitorial processes in administrative law. Written by leading academics from different jurisdictions, it provides valuable comparative insights. It will be welcomed by academics, researchers and policy makers, and is an important addition to the literature on administrative justice.’Mary Seneviratne, Nottingham Trent University, UK
ISBN-13: 9781409469476
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited
Publication date: 8/28/2013


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